Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Campaigns - How and Who with?

Firstly we shall explain the difference between messages and campaigns. Both of which bloggers can send to brands and brands can send to bloggers.

Message a brand via the "Message Us" button located on the right of their profile if you have a question or just want to get in touch.

To request to work with a brand you create a campaign via the "Work with us" button.

Who should you request to work with?
It's best to approach a brand you feel reflects your style and genre, this will increase your chances of having your campaign approved and for a collaboration to start. TIP - Make the message relevant to the brand, mention their name and things about their site. This will show you are genuinely interested and are not sending out the same message to every brand.

Choose a relevant title for the campaign you want to start with the brand. You have the option to suggest an item to review. In your campaign message you can express your interest in working with the brand and together you can work out the best way to work together and where to have the collaboration featured, e.g your blog and instagram.

When you receive a new campaign message you will receive an email notifying you of this on your email associated to your Blogger Programme account. Also on The Blogger Programme site in the navigation menu located at the very top a notification will pop up.
If you read a message but decide to come back to it later, marking it as an unread message might help to remind you to reply at a more convenient time. 

The status of a campaign is mainly for a brand to keep up to date with their different campaigns. As a blogger you can mark the campaign as complete once you have featured your post on the agreed platform. A feature coming soon will be the ability to add the links so the brand can easily find your post.

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  1. Such a brillant idea and opportuinity for blogger and brands to contact each other. I've just signed up and I can't wait to complete my profile :D

  2. I'm having trouble what to actually write when asking a brand to work with them

  3. Is there any further reading you would recommend on this?

    Get in Touch

  4. The blogger program is so exciting! Ive just sent off my first campaign request with a brand i already love so i cant wait to search for more :)

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